Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Signing out

Hi Guys

I have decided to pull back a bit from blogging.  I am finding that it is taking up spare time that I don't really have to spare. 

So I will be blogging once a month or unless I really have something interesting to share.

You will find me though on Facebook, Instagram (search for @patchworkdelights) and twitter and flickr you know the usual suspects.

Random photo, a linen pouch I made at Christmas, really has nothing to do with this post!
For those of you looking for baby balls or quilt orders just head to my shop tab at the top of the blog.

Speak soon, and fear not I am still reading your blogs.  I am just too busy with work, kids and orders.




  1. Blogging is, as I have discovered, quite high maintenance! Do post often though, as I love reading your updates. I'll look you up on Facebook. Happy stitching!

  2. Enjoy the balance. (Did chuckle at the 'I'll still be on flckr, twitter, instagram uncle tom cobley and all!!'). Stay sane xxx

  3. I know the feeling Fi, I am much happier not blogging and just reading others and enjoying what I do. Give my love to your gorgeous boys. Talk soon C x x

  4. We all get it. We'll miss you and will be thrilled when you do post :)

  5. I have no facebook..I have lot of work stitching, plus Etsy and my blog...I can understand you...but good bloggers , on my point of view, are a good way to communication... even, i don't want's to much IT for a stitcher
    Back soon Fi..!

    Margarita , linenartisan,

  6. Finding a balance is always a bit tricky! Good luck!


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