Monday, 8 April 2013

Climbing the pyramids

I have long admired the triangle or pyramid quilts that I have seen out in the blogosphere and I promised myself that as soon as I had down time I would try making one. 

I decided to buy a ruler (60 degree), it arrived a couple of weeks ago.  I was ready to start making these triangles!

I searched for some tutorials, there are several of them out there.  The one that I would go for in hindsight is this one as she shows you both ways of cutting triangles, i.e. with the traditional ruler or the 60 degree ruler.

I started going through my scraps, although my fabric pile is seriously depleted I managed to get enough together including some favourite fabrics.

The only thing I would say is that next time I would follow the "traditional / old fashioned" way of cutting the triangles.  It's probably just me but I cut 5.5" strips and then lined up the 60 degree ruler at the top of the fabric (as per tute) but the fabric was slightly "larger" than the 5.5" mark on the 60 degree ruler?  I'm crap at maths any how so I am sure there's some high brow reason for it but they just didn't line up i.e my regular ruler and the 60 ruler.  If any one can enlighten me I'd love to hear from you. 

But I had started so I had to finish using the same ruler.

I did (despite the ruler - yes I will get over myself and that ruler) enjoy making this quilt.  I thought 11 triangles across would work but ended up having to add a border. 

For the back

On Saturday I went into town and found a fabric that was pretty close colourwise.

Finally modelled (completely staged) by son #2

Final size of quilt approx. 35" x 51"
Fabric: miscellaneous designer cotton fabrics
Batting: 100% cotton
Do it again rating: YES!



  1. Welcome back! Too tired to work out the maths problem, but your quilt looks fab as does your model x

  2. Don't worry about the maths as it has turned out just lovely. Di x

  3. I love it! I am already ordering fabric to make one for myself. Can not wait until it arrives to start. Or maybe I let the best ladies in Ireland make it for me ...

  4. It's lovely. Despite the effort, I think the triangles look great

  5. I really like it and your son models very well!
    I have a 60degree ruler and I'd like to try and play with equilateral triangles next time, it's on the list.

  6. This is so pretty. I have only ever paper pieced triangles. I'll put this on my todo list I think.

  7. Fi, that is beautiful. Come on that can never be son number 2. Looks like Mr PD!

    Lovely to read a blog post. Talk Soon Clare x

  8. I know about the math...I think that you have done so well on the quilt's really beautiful.

  9. It's a lovely quilt, if only my sons were as willing to model... they usually pull horrible faces during the photos! :o)


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