Thursday, 16 May 2013

A bit of liberty

Those of you who are following me on instagram (@patchworkdelights) will have seen my current work in progress.
I found some mini hexies in one of my storage units.  I dug out my bits of liberty, and really it is bits, unfortunately I don't have enough :(

Since taking this photo I have sewn all the red hexies to the blues but now I am stuck.  Do I go one more round in the blues or go with white? I will ultimately applique it on to another colour as yet undecided.
What to do!


  1. Beautiful Liberty hexies. Di x

  2. Looks lovely but I have no idea. Just heard yesterday that you can get little liberties bundles from Very Berry ... just a hint

  3. Oh, lovely. Sorry I canna give you any advice. I have a love hate relationship with hexies.

  4. How big is your finished project going to be? (Pillow? Medallion quilt?) I'd go around again in blue, but I like blue...


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