Friday, 10 May 2013

A couple of finishes

It's about time I hear you say!
I grabbed the bull by the horn as they saying goes and went for it.
I (HAPPILY) spent my birthday last Friday working on and finishing this baby!

20" Triple Star scrappy quilted

I made it using Lilysquilt pattern from a magazine I purchased last month!

I also in the same week (clap on the back!) finished this EPP cushion


Finally on Sunday I finished this little 16" one, sure I was on a roll so why not!

16" hexie pillow

I plan on making another 16" cushion with these from the same designer, Sarah Jane for Michael Miller "Girls at Play".  I have made several tumbler quilts using this range and these are some of the left overs.

If you have been toying with the idea of making a cushion, take it from me, it's so easy, OK it only took me 6 months to pick up the courage to try it but now I can't stop!  Loads of great tutes out there, including Imagingermonkey who recently did a series of tutes on pillows.


Fi x


  1. Your cushions are absolutely stunning!

  2. Lovely finishes! The star pillow is absolutely amazing!

  3. I'm so crazy about pillows - seeing them, making them, and using them. All of these are fantastic!

  4. Oh wow! Gorgeous finishes!

  5. A very happy belated birthday!

    Lovely finishes!


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