Saturday, 20 July 2013

A lot of sun not sew much work...

We are officially experiencing a drought in Dublin (Ireland).  We have for over the last fortnight experienced exceptional weather with no rainfall whatsoever, do we put it down to global warming?  I guess so, we haven't had a summer like this since 1995.  W
That said we are enjoying the weather but apparently it's meant to break this week, my garden will be happy. 
There has been a lot of this (relaxing)

Coffee outside in the morning, so rare an event with our weather I am taking full advantage.

Then in the evenings, catching up, I am a bit behind with my Irish Bee Blocks, my excuse now is the weather but I do need to sort them out.
I did get Just Jude's blocks done though!  I love tumblers, so these were easy to run up.

I finished another swoon block, this is number 3

And in between making baby balls I am working on a different style of scrappy pram quilt

So now I'm off to eat a tuna salad and enjoy the rest of the evening.  Enjoy yours wherever you are! 
X Fi



  1. Drought in Ireland! Now that is a rare event. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! And I hope your garden gets a drink soon! The tumbler blocks are lovely- great in solids!

  2. That swoon block is SPECTACULAR!

  3. A hot summer is all too rare but soooooo nice. Lovely blocks, each so different in style but I do like that swoon one! Di x


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