Tuesday, 30 July 2013

a quilt top and wip

So after yesterday's little moan, thank you for your comments, I thought I'd show you a quilt top finish, note quilt top not quilt.

I went through my constant companion (aka scrap bucket) and starting pulling out all my pinks.  I started laying them out on my craft room floor.  I love my Sunday Morning Quilts book from Amandajean at crazymomquilts.  What I love is that she and her co-writer, waste nothing.  No piece of scrap, no selvage gets binned.  I keep every piece too, but what to do with all these bits and pieces?

Well their book is full of inspiring ideas and patterns to follow if you haven't got it yet, see if your local library has it or can order it in.

Starting with some colourful blocks...all pink..

Hubby was dragged came into the room and asked for his opinion, he thought it was lovely but very "pink" and that I should perhaps break it up a bit so I started looking at my other scraps.

...and ta dah!  This pram quilt measures off the top of my head about 36 x 40" but I will need to double check it. 

Basically I cut a 2.5" inch square of pink and decided that the finished block size would be 5.25" (I know a weird size but I'm dealing with scraps here and didn't want to eliminate small scraps).  Then I randomly sewing around the central square.  Skinny and fat strips, whatever came to hand was fine.  It was fun sorting through the scraps and seeing some of the last pieces going into the quilt.

What I realise from the above pram quilt is that I am lacking in certain colours, I'd say yellows, oranges, teal, aquas.  I guess I'll have to add to my stash when funds allow.

Once I had that quilt top done, it was on to another scrappy beginning which was a log cabin quilt.  I have only made 4 blocks, but I will continue with this after my hols.

These blocks measure about 7.5", again I am enjoying these as they are pretty much made of randomly throwing colours together and all scraps, this is VERY important.  If I can make it big enough this might end up as a laptop quilt for the family.

So that's it for the moment guys.  It'll probably be quite quiet now till end of the month.




  1. Excellent way to use those special scraps. Di x

  2. Looks great :-) I am lacking in yellow too!


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