Monday, 29 July 2013

Look, I'm having an insecure moment.  I don't know who does or doesn't read my blog.  I will be honest, I don't believe I am very good at expressing myself in the written word. 

That's why I prefer Instagram (@patchworkdelights), it's instant, it's fast, it's brief and like they say a picture paints a thousand words...or is that even the correct saying? 

I love reading, in fact I eat books, but ask me to tell you in a concise form what the book was about and nope can't do it. 

So I will randomly chit chat about my weekend and what little project I have picked up.

I met up with an old college mate in a town near to where I live called Swords.  We met at a bar / restaurant called the Old School House.  On the walk down to the restaurant we passed this old water pump.

I couldn't resist, but had to take a piccy!

Another photo just had to be taken of the front of the restaurant with its impressive hanging baskets!

My two boys were eager to get into the place.  We had a lovely time catching up, in between shovelling food into our mouths, oh my goodness the portion sizes, they were huge!  Good thing we hadn't had much to eat all day, we'd done a car boot sale too and food was on the light side or rather comprised of bottles of water, donuts and a packet of crisps.

Aching stomachs later we rolled home!

We visited my mum the next day at her place, where I set up a temporary PatchworkDelights HQ.

I had to finish a baby ball for today, but miscounted my fabrics and was one short.  It was just as well then that I had brought along ALL my gear to start working on the Spring Carnival block

I  plan on making a cushion like Katie from I'm A Ginger Monkey has done, but using the charm pack I got back in June from the texty charm swap that I participated in.

It is going to be "scrappy" as I seriously have to use up what fabrics I have, as I cannot buy much new fabric at the moment.

I'm hoping this block will be as effective in a scrappy scenario, but at the end of the day I've started so I must finish. I am happy with it I will be honest, I am choosing my colours carefully to make sure that they stand out enough to give the right effect.

Finally I promised myself that I would really make an effort to make myself some patchwork items.  My desk at work was seriously anaemic.  I saw this spiderweb block as a mug rug on instagram and thought to my self, perfect try and figure out to make that smaller and it's a mug rug for you too!

Now my desk is always a splash of colour, particularly when I leave my sewing pouch on my desk too,  brighten up an otherwise bland desk!  Yippeee!

I will wrap it up now, being that dinner is ready so enjoy your evening all!




  1. Funky mug rug! I love Instagram too, I often feel like I' waffling on on the blog. :-)

  2. Love the water pump. I saw one in the reclamation yard this weekend very expensive though!

  3. I don't Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, but I do enjoy reading blogs and checking out what my bloggy favourites are up to! There's always inspiration to be found, and projects to oooh and aaaaah over :D Your spiderweb mug rug is equally oooh'able and aaaaah'able :D Now I'm off to my basement dungeon sewing room to try a lace zipper - I bought some a year ago, and haven't tried them yet, lol!

  4. Love your EPP, and that mug rug is so bright and colourful :-)

  5. I have been using the mini charms for Spring Carnival and it works well. You can't control the colours too much but it is a good way to use them. I like the temporary HQ and the mug rug is such a good idea. Di x

  6. I read your posts. Probably all the Ireland pics. -LOL.
    I write mine as a journal --I cannot remember everything I've done. Sometimes my rambles are amazing and sometimes - contrived.
    It's definitely a place to throw pics of the garden flowers or recipes I've tried or places I've been.
    I think instagram would make more of a jumble of my thoughts than blogger already does.
    Blogger provides insight into my sewing and any progress I have made by utilizing the chronological order of posts.

    Love your spuderweb mug rug.

    I think to make a success of a 'sewing' blog, one needs to have five children under the age of six, work full-time, sew while burning the midnight oil, And, be a perfect helpmate in the marriage --the partner being entirely supportive of buying every new fabric line.

  7. I always stop by the blog, I habitually forget about Instagram for days on end!

    Spring carnival is looking mighty fine xxx

  8. I am a bit sketchy in checking and writing blog posts, but I am getting to it eventually!

    Love your patchwork and the hanging baskets!!!

  9. That spider web mug rug is awesome. I have added that to my list of things to make!


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