Saturday, 7 September 2013

Liberty - I just love it!

Thank you to all of you who entered my giveaway this week!  There was a winner

Now to show you what I am working on at the moment.

Ali from VeryBerryHandmade hosted a giveaway a couple of months ago via FB and I managed to win a bundle of Liberty Lawn fabrics.   See my original post here.

I decided to make a 16" pillow using only 1" hexies so while I was away I bought all my gear with me so that I could work on my little project.

I am enjoying working with these fabrics, you won't believe how soft and delicate they feel.  You really need to look closely at the detail of the patterns of each piece of fabric it's just so pretty.

In fact I love my fabric so much I just ordered a little bundle of fabric from her shop before starting this post, this one bundle here...

Image borrowed from VeryBerryHandmade

When I received my package from Ali she very kindly included a leaflet about the fabrics. 

I don't have much further to go to get to 16". ...

I am already in love with my soon to be cushion.  It just shouts vintage to me and I'm all into vintage at the moment.

The next question is what to put on the back?  More liberty? All suggestions are always welcome. 

By the way Ali is hosting a SUPERB giveaway at the moment via Lilysquilts so if you want to try and get your hands on some Liberty I suggest you make your way over there to enter!
x Fi


  1. oooh, this will be stunning. All that yummy liberty, simply perfect!

  2. Of course, more Liberty for the back! Or make it double sided, with something different, maybe log cabin? Lovely.

  3. This looks so brilliant Fi - I am so pleased that you are making such wonderful use of the fabric. :-)

  4. Lovely. I am a fan of Essex linen with Liberty xxx

  5. Very pretty. I am with Hadley on the linen/liberty combo. Di x

  6. The cushion is looking fantastic so far! Why don't you use linen for the back? It is much heavier than the tana lawn but it adds that vintage/heirloom feel immediately. I got some small hexies today to make a small pouch with Liberty and linen, but after seeing your work I might just go for the cushion.


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