Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Some Christmas bits

The Christmas bug has bitten me, I am not a fan of Halloween at all so I am happily looking through my bits of Christmas fabric and making small little bits and pieces.
I made a mug rug at the weekend.

It's a Christmas tree (!) but I also added some seed beads using my last bits of gold thread.  Insert sad face here because I cannot remember where I bought the thread from and really would like to replace it when it's finished. ...

It measures about 6.5 x 7".  Hoping to make some more, perhaps a set of four?

Let's see what time allows!



  1. How charming your little tree is!!!

  2. It looks great! You could totally scale them up to place mats and you'd have a hit at this season's craft fairs.

    1. Great suggestion Cindy, thank you, might just do that! Fi

  3. Super cute tree! I have made three of these tree quilts throw size. They are so easy and fun and look amazing!

  4. LOVE it...such beautiful little mats!

  5. I love this - the bright colors and the design. So cute!


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