Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Current bits and pieces

It's been so busy at work that I am trying to be careful not to burn the candle at both ends.  This does not usually end well for me.  But I am under pressure at the moment to get some orders out.

Last night I hand embroidered a little boys name on to his very own Christmas Stocking, so I will be heading up to my patchwork room in a moment to finish this off tonight.

Last night I sewed all my rows together for my pram quilt, which I will continue tomorrow and hopefully have it quilted and wrapped up to send to its new owner by Monday.

I also got some lovely mail earlier this week from one of my IG friends (@oneygirl50).  She sent me a LOAD of fabric as part of #payitforward.  So it'll be my turn soon to do the same!

Anyhow got to go, kiss the boys night night and get some night time sewing done!

X Fi




  1. Great fabric choice for Oliver's stocking.

  2. Oh good luck with the orders. My SIL was admiring Cora's ball today.


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