Saturday, 2 November 2013

Modern Irish Christmas Runner Swap 2013

After the great success of the Modern Irish Pin Cushion swap we were all eagerly awaiting notification about the next swap from Sarah our swap mama.   This was what I made and this is the lovely cushion that I received!  Everyone made such beautiful pin cushions, such a great swap.

And this week we got the email about the Modern Christmas Runner Swap.  Fantastic!

I managed to get 15 mins to sit uninterrupted at the computer today and got my mosaic sorted. 

We can choose if we want to receive a table runner or table topper, I opted for either, I really don't mind.  I threw in some mug rugs into the mix for more inspiration. 

Now I am just waiting to see who my secret swap partner is and see what they have put in their mosaic and get cracking on making them something they will hopefully like!

If you want to have a look at the inspirational mosaics check out the flickr group here




  1. Eee! Your mosaic is filled with pretties! I love the circles Christmas tree and the cathedral windows are just gorgeous. So pretty!

  2. Great selection! looks like you are ready to get sewing for Christmas.

    1. Thanks Annaliese, are you entering yourself? Fi


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