Monday, 30 December 2013

A finish..better late than never!

As the saying goes better late than never...
Well in this case this quilt top was finished 2 years ago for my second son and I only got to quilting it this weekend.  Plenty of excuses why there was a delay but I made a special effort to get it finished for him, goodness knows he's been asking me about it long enough.

When I saw this quilt by Katie of ImAGingerMonkey I really wanted to make one for my little fella.  I love the way Katie puts together colour.  Now at the time I had purchased a range of fabrics from the Woodland by Natalie Lymer for Lecien range.   It is very simple pattern as you can see, took no time to put together but 2 years to quilt? Crazy I know!.
I was undecided as to how to quilt it and thought I would try a new quilting type because it was personal so I could experiment.  I have seen some of my IG friends quilting in a straight lines called match stick quilting.  I love the look of that but with my current tremor/hand probs I thought it mightn't be wise to do intense quilting so reverted back to FMQ in a stippling pattern.  It took me practically no time to quilt it in this way. 

On the border of the quilt I quilted random heart shapes all the way around, you might have to look carefully to spot that they are hearts! 
I finished off the binding by hand sewing it on to the back, for my last few quilts I have been machining the binding on both front and back, but forgot how enjoyable it is to hand sew the binding! 
I finished it late Sunday night and put it on his bed while he slept.  He's happy now he has his very own quilt made by mummy for him!  Now both boys have a quilt each!

Quilt details:
Pattern: Fit for a Princess (er Prince). Tutorial by ImAGingerMonkey
Size: approx. 39" x 54"
Fabric:  Woodland by Natalie Lymer for Lecien
Quilting: FMQ stippling effect

x Fi

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