Sunday, 29 December 2013

Family time

Really taking advantage of having Christmas hols from work.  I have been cleaning the house from top to bottom, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming under the bed (oh the dust carpet that had built up underneath there!) and hanging out with the kids.  Once my house is tidy I can really relax.

I got a lovely surprise today when my brother phoned. I wasn't sure if he'd been able to travel over from the UK due to the horrible weather conditions but he did! A final bit of tidying up and the guys arrived!

All the cousins had great fun playing together.  I can never get over seeing my kids and my bros kids growing up.  The range in ages is 11 down to 3!  So nice to see them run and scoot around.  I just love being able to sit back and relax with my bro and his wife, just chatting about everything.  It's so rare that we see each other.

Once the guys left I took out son #2's quilt.  I finished this top about 2 summers ago but never quilted it.  So I am taking advantage of the break and getting some personal quilting done. 

Sorry it's a bit of dark shot but the afternoons are dark so quickly now. 

I have nearly finished quilting it and hope to add the binding tonight/tomorrow.

Better go and get on with it eh?!

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. I had a day with my bro and his family today too. We also don't get together all that often, so I know exactly what you mean

  2. Sounds like you had a happy time. Well done for getting on with that quilt!

  3. It is nice to catch up with siblings. We are spending New Year's Eve with my bro and family. I know exactly what you mean about seeing the cousins all together. It makes my heart skip too Di x


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