Friday, 27 December 2013

Merry Quiltmas!

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Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a nice time whatever you were doing this Christmas.

Happy to say Santa came to our house this year!

We kept it very low key.  Went to mum's for the day, caught up with my Aunt and Uncle, ate food, chatted and headed home to watch DVDs and eat treats with the boys! 

You wouldn't believe how much I was waiting for Christmas Eve to arrive.  I had to get through so many orders (not complaining) but man I was so tired. 

But I did it!

Scrappy Pram Quilt #1

Scrappy Pram Quilt #2
Also a friend of mine asked me to make her a personalised cushion for her sister in law.  I didn't know which way to proceed with this project in that I was working with very little info, but ended up making this cushion Saturday night and my friend was very happy with the end result, phew! It measures 16x16, the centre panel is Essex Linen Rose.  I machined in the machined the machine in the centre and appliqued on a bird to add some more character to the cushion.  First attempt not bad. 

I was planning on making my mum a cushion too but had bought the wrong filler size so it was panic stations!  My mum has a gorgeous kitchen and a large wooden table in it so I thought perhaps a bright (non Christmas) table runner would look good on it.  

I started and finished this on Christmas Eve day.  I quilted as I went and was happy with the end result.  I very carefully made sure that each strip was straight as I went along, at one point I started to go crooked but managed to get on track again, no-one would notice it.  It measures 35" x 14".  I gave it to her but didn't see it in situ as her table was full of Xmas food preparation, but can't wait to see it with a beautiful vase of cut flowers from her garden.

That's me done for the moment, just going to go and finish off cleaning my house, I have to admit it's been neglected for the last couple of months.  Upstairs is done.  I just want to do some sorting downstairs and then snuggle in for the day, it's horrible over here, high winds, wet and cold.  I know the UK are worse off so my heart goes out to people affected by the horrible weather at the moment.

X Fi



  1. Hello. I love the bright cheery colors you are quilting with. New follower from America. Have a super day~!

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  2. So glad you are on Bloglovin now. The presents all look great, and we all know that hand made gifts are the absolute best thing to receive.

  3. You cranked out some gorgeous presents. You deserve a chilled time now. Cleaning is always waiting for us! Di x


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