Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Modern Irish Quilters Swap 2013 - Christmas Swap


 I am terrible at saying no to things, even when I am overloaded I will still foolishly take on more tasks!

So when the swap mama's emailed out to see if anyone wanted to participate in another swap, I happily signed up to second swap the "Christmas Table Runner Swap".

I thought I would have plenty of time to get a runner done, but of course I didn't.  I left it to the point that I was in a panic aka last minute!  Thankfully Sarah managed to be logical and rational and putting the panic to the side I got on with finishing my table runner. 

When I was emailing Sarah last Wednesday I had already gotten a certain way along.  Pieces were cut, main centre piece was sewn together but not the edging and so on.  I had it laid out as below waiting to be sewn.

pieces laid out on the ground.
But a problem arrived in the form of my iron dying, can you believe it! Now... at this time of year!!! So even if I hadn't lost my direction I wasn't going anywhere without an iron.  So yesterday we had to run out and grab an iron.  Say hello to my new best friend! AEG!

Now I could get back on track.  Once I had the coloured border attached I could then move on to attaching the white border, progress!

I was chuffed at how my coloured border came together nicely. I cut 2.5" strips of three different fabrics, sewed them together and cut them across in 2.5" strips.  Ending with a 2.5" square.

Next step, adding wadding and backing fabric.  I had picked up some nice festive fabric in Hickeys last weekend.  It clashed too much with the front so I decided to keep it as pretty backing fabric.

ready for quilting
Quilting next... how?  Straight lines? FMQ? decisions decisions.  But I thought I would experiment, why not... it's a swap, might as well try out something new.

I decided on some fmq swirls, no pattern no rules just cover the white in small and large swirls.  I thought they look festive somehow, like wintry somethings!  Those of you who know me, know I like seed beads, and sparkly bits.  So I couldn't have a xmas tree without a star. I sewed on some gold stars, fastened on with a different coloured seed bead, one red, one green, one gold and one yellowy gold.

Nearly there!  (By the way if you are still reading this post, this was all happening yesterday!)

Once I was happy that there was enough quilting done, it was simply a case of closing the deal with binding.  I used the same backing fabric for my binding.  I like the wintry look of this runner and didn't want something too strong to clash along the outside (eg binding).


Final size: approx. 35" x 15.5"
Fabrics: email me if you really want to know, I'd have to look it up!

Back - isn't pretty?


I love it, but will my swap partner feel the same way?  Here's hoping!

If you have a few spare minutes why not check out the other beautiful runners that have been produced (on time!) by my fellow swappers.  They are all wonderful!  Check out our flickr group here.


  1. Oh it is perfect-love everything about it

  2. Love what you did with the runner. Very nice, and love the swirls.

  3. It is a really pretty runner and your swap partner will love it too. Di x


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