Friday, 3 January 2014

A draft excluder tutorial

Happy New Year everyone!
I thought I would share with you my latest make!

It didn't take too long to put together, scraps of fabric will work perfectly for this little project.
various scraps of cotton fabric, at least 15" long
ribbon (optional)
left over cotton wadding or toy stuffing (or rice/beans)
sewing machine
To start:
Firstly, decide what width of draft excluder you require.  I measured my door and decided on 34".
1. Cut various widths of fabric measuring at least 15" long
2. Decide on what layout you would like in terms of colour alignment
3. Sew your strips together
4. Trim your fabric panel to 15" high by required width (in my case 34")
5. If you are using ribbon or embellishments add them at this point.
6. Fold over your panel, right sides together and sew all around from the short sides along the top longest part of your "sausage" leaving a decent gap say 5-6" in the centre, continue sewing along the length and down the other side.
7.  Turn your "sausage" inside out so that you now have the right side of your draft excluder right side out. 
8.  I stuffed mine with scraps of cotton wadding and a small amount of left over toy stuffing.  The cotton wadding gives the sausage a nice weight, but you can also use rice or beans.  (I didn't have either of the latter so went with the cotton wadding as I said above).
9.  Hand sew the opening closed when you are satisfied that you have stuffed the sausage sufficiently!
10. Now put it in front of the door it's been made for and admire!
Well done!
Any questions leave a comment.
x FI


  1. Very cute, I need to make several of these for gifts and maybe one for myself too!

  2. Great idea for long scraps! It's lovely and bright too!

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