Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A beautiful morning!

Woke up to frost on the car roofs and a misty / foggy skyline.  Truly a beautiful crisp spring day.  I wasn't able to totally enjoy it as I had to go up to hospital for a investigative procedure but it all went well and all is good so PHEW!

Bremore Castle - waiting at the bus stop
Normally I have to do all the driving but because we took the bus (hubby doesn't drive... I know don't say anything!) I was able to properly enjoy the views...

Remember this exciting little mini quilt I was talking about last week?

Well the bloomin thing got lost in the post!  Can you believe it, of all the things to go missing, I was so disgusted.  So I had to run up another variation of it last night and sent it by reg post this time. 

Anyhow, going to take it easy after today's travels and hospital visit.

X Fi


  1. Lol, I can not stop! Not driving? Oh I know how ... that is :D
    It is terrible when the post get lost ;(

  2. Are you serious!?!? Lost in the post? Have you rang An Post? Will they help you find it?

  3. Oh no lost in post!! Hope it will turn up someday. Mine took one year from Japan. Hope you are well.


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