Sunday, 2 March 2014


So Cindy was the Queen Bee for February's scrappy block for the Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland (Scrappy) Bee... jeepers what a mouthful. 
Anyhow this is Cindy's block choice.
Taken from Cindy's blog - Spools
I loved the look of this straight away, then panicked and though oh man this is going to be hard, look at the different sizes and Cindy wants large, medium and small blocks!  Park that on the to do list I thought to myself, but when I looked at Cindy's instructions today I couldn't believe the simplicity of the block.
I went with the option (there were 2) of making 1 large, 3 medium and 5 small spools.
Starting with the large one

You can see how simple an idea it is - squares and rectangles!
I quickly moved on to the mediums, going with reds, just because, hope Cindy doesn't mind.

Selecting scrappy fabrics

So under an hour I had one large block and 3 medium blocks completed.  A smooth block, really enjoyable to make, no unpicking and pulling out hair involved, I am happy to say!
Spools galore!
Once they were made, I called it a day as for once one of my boys was asking me to go for a walk as opposed to me dragging them out! Hey who am I to argue!
Looking forward to finishing the 5 remaining blocks tomorrow and packing them off to Cindy.
Look what we have to make for March's scrappy block...
Image copied from MQGI blog
Oh and don't forget the giveaway I'm running!
Lily's Quilts


  1. I love trying new blocks and to try new skills and designs. I really like the scrappy block for March especially. xx

  2. Oh, Fi! They're wonderful! Thank you so very much :)

    Can't wait to dig in on Sarah's block. She choose a winner!


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