Monday, 3 March 2014

The Modern Irish Scrappy Bee

Following on from yesterday's post I finished off the Cindy's spool blocks, this is going to be one spectacular quilt!

February's blocks

I Cannot recall if I shared with you January's blocks for Ruth so apologies if this is repetition but I thought I would show you them all together at any rate!

January's blocks
These were also lovely to make, a lot fiddlier (is that a word?) than the spools, and they didn't end up measuring exactly 12.5" so I was a bit annoyed about that.  I am always super careful with accurate cutting and yet.... but the end result "looks" great. 

So now to get my eldest off to a hosp appointment and take the makings of a baby ball with us, then once home get on with Sarah's March block which is a stunner!

A basket of happiness



  1. Fi, you rock. The spool blocks are beautiful! Thank you so very much. xx


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