Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Some of you who follow me elsewhere (Facebook / Instagram) will probably know that I am now properly working for myself. 

It was funny this morning when my son (who woke up with a head cold) asked me if I was going in to work, I replied don't worry I will call myself and say my son is unwell and call in sick!  We had a giggle.

I know they say laughter is so important and how true it is. 

For the last few weeks I have been an emotional wreck if I were being honest, in fact it probably goes back months what with a couple of undiagnosed health conditions (on a waiting list) I have been feeling very sorry and scared for myself.

I could start crying over the silliest thing.  My husband has been a great support, and yet I don't want to burden him and stress him out. 

Don't get me wrong working for myself has been like a dream come true, but man can it be lonely.  I would have considered myself very happy to be on my own, of course knowing that my kids and hubby will be home later in the day but you know what I mean, I love my garden it always needs work, love my "job", but recently I have missed not having another adult around in the morning.  I was so used to going into work and straight away catching up with my two besties, now .....

So my neighbour (and friend) came in for tea yesterday and we had a good chat.  Sure I was balling my eyes out on Monday with the neighbour across the road.  Not because I want "friends" and to be fussed over, but more because of I guess a feeling of lowness, it's hard to explain.   Could it be mild depression brought on by extreme stress and anxiety?  

I still managed to get a couple of finishes this week though.  Baby balls of course and a pram quilt and matching cushion for a christening. 

So today is so far a good day.  I have done a few chores and now I will settle down to make two baby balls for tomorrow.  

Hope you are well and have a good day!




  1. Hi Fiona! Hope all is settled and your health is ok. I'm sure it is a question of time until you feel better and enjoy your new life, new "job". KEep doing your lovely patchwork which I'm in love with and get so inspired. Take care, Rita (Portugal)

  2. I remember when I was a stay at home mom and could not wait to get a job and get the kids are grown and I work and I wish I could stay home! It is hard to find the right balance. Your quilts and pillows are beautiful and you have lots of us out here reading in blog land..I hope things start feeling better soon! Quilty hugs!

  3. Fi will call you at weekend. Sending love xxx

  4. Don't underestimate the need for human contact. Consider trying to schedule in some time during the week to go somewhere that you can be with others and chat to them. You've recognised that it is an issue, now you need to do something about it to prevent your feelings of depression from getting worse.

  5. Fi I didn't realise you hadn't been well. Sending you big hugs. Sounds like you're a bit low with the anxiety of it all which is natural but maybe talk to your doctor about that too? I'll be up in mums in a couple of weeks if you want to meet for a coffee and a chat xx

  6. I Wish you the best Fiona , with my heart, brings us challengers that we must overcome .Quilt is therapeutic , having children at home it is too, they are the sunshine and grow fast..(speaking for my experience )
    Good luck and looking forward hearing from your sewing creativities !

  7. Oh Fi - I know what it is like waiting to get diagnosed and the diagnoses you find on google are not very 'helpful'!

    You are living the dream, as hard as it feels now - maybe you need to do some volunteer work just one morning a week, maybe at school - they always have stuff you can help with! Getting out of the house and seeing non-family is essential.

  8. You are so sweet to be so transparent with all of us. From another working from home mum be assured, you will find your peaceful place - just give yourself time to get used to it. I can manage about 4 days busy on my own and then I need to find a friend. Getting early to the school gate at pickup sometimes gives me my fix and to be honest now I love love love to have the house to myself, to loose myself in my work. The radio helps, and knowing that I'm making something that will make a difference to someone else makes it worth while. Good luck - let your creativity feed you!

  9. Hope everything goes well for you. I wanted get away from to many people in Japan and ended very alone in Irish countryside with nobody to talk! Now somewhere in between with family and friends. Keep smiling you will find good balance :)


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