Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Meet my new sponsor!

One of my favourite online fabric shops!  CelticFusion fabrics

Owned and run by Gwen (an Irish lady!) she has the most beautiful selection of fabrics / textiles.  

Gwen's shop hosts a wonderful range of modern eclectic fabrics.

I have always found Gwen to be super helpful, whenever I need help with colours she will send me over photos of bundles till we have the right selection.

You can buy FQs etc but also cute little fabric bundles and "smallies", which is a lovely way of introducing yourself to new designers.


Echino Mini Cloth Stack
Aneela Hoey Moda Posy Bouquet
 You can find Gwen on Facebook, she is constantly updating her profile with new deliveries and beautiful photos of new fabric lines!

So next time you are on a fabric purchasing spree check out Gwen's range too!

x  Fi


  1. Delighted! I love Celtic Fusion fabric :)

  2. Congratulations on a new sponsor! I love love the Echino fabrics especially.

  3. I love that posy bouquet... I need to put in an order of my favourite low volume fabric from Gwen. might get a bit if that too....


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