Sunday, 25 May 2014

Music to my ears - meet SIZZIX

Hands up whose least favourite part of quilting is cutting the fabric (ACCURATELY!)???

Personally I love choosing which fabrics I am going to use, I love quilting the quilt, I love binding the quilt, I do not love cutting, I find it a teensy bit tedious and that's only because I am impatient, pure and simple.

When I got an email from Alison at Sizzix asking me if I would be interested in trying out their product I was very excited. 

So my Big Shot Sizzix machine arrived with a magnificent selection of dies.

Big Shot
The dies are basically the cutting end of the process. 

The lovely Patricia of Fililis sent me a pretty selection of Petit Pan fabrics which she stocks in her shop.  The FQ is very large measuring 50x75cm.  If you want to read more about Petit Pan follow this link.  Cute reading.

Selection of Petit Pan fabrics - Chinese flavour
I was saving these fabrics for the right project.  They reminded me of Japanese themes but in fact they are Chinese inspired.  Like I said if you want to read more follow the link above.

I decided to make and old friend of mine a mug rug as a thank you for her support with my endeavours to start out on my own.  So I took out the Big Shot.

I wanted to try the Troquel Die (658662), it will cut you equilateral triangles with a finished size of 1.78" (2.75" unfinished).  

I took one of the cutting pads, then took the die and placed that on top of the pad, then I put my fabric on top of the die (one side is foam like and the other is plastic, the foam side is where the blades are imbedded), then I covered that with the other cutting pad (there are two in total).  I effectively made a cutting sandwich.  Because the Petit Pan fabric is quite fine I was able to put three or four layers.  I cut the fabric to slightly less than the width of the die, so long as you cover the blades you are fine.

Then put on the Big Shot and start turning the lever.

It pushes through with rollers and the thickness of the fabric helps the blades cut through your fabric.

You can see the shapes etched into the plastic cutting pad above.

Lift off the plastic cutting pad and gently pull away the fabric and you will see it leaves your triangles behind.

In fact I even managed to include some white cotton in this cut. 

I cut more white cotton triangles until I had enough for my mug rug.  This is the part I love it took about 5-10 mins to get all my triangles (including choosing which colours to incorporate).  36 mini triangles cut in no time. 

I sewed them together in rows, and because they cut so accurately they just pieced together like a dream. 

I trimmed down the panel to about 7", used some cotton wadding and more Petit Pan backing and using my walking foot did some shadow quilting.

Once the quilting was complete, I decided to use more of the Osami Rose for the binding, hand stitched the back using my ThreadsandSewMore thread.

Tadah and there it was a finished mug rug gift and it took a fraction of the time that it would normally take me.

Finished mug rug using the Sizzix Big Shot
Sizzix Big Shot Cutter
Die 658662 (Triangles - 1.78" finished)
Fabrics: Petit Pan Osame Rose, Calamity Orage, Coquelicot Prune.
Finished size: 7" x 7"

x Fi


  1. That is one lovely mug rug! Thank you for sharing this. I am just a basic quilter, but I learn something from all of these shares.
    Barb from

  2. Wish my cutting mats still looked like that!!!

  3. Oh you are so lucky! pretty mug rug too.

  4. Cutting is my favouritest bit of the process!

  5. You are so right. I don't mind cutting but if I am tired or angry, hungry or just distracted is not the thing to do… so many things can go wrong.
    Love the mug rug too. :)

  6. I'm the lucky old friend and I love my mug rug


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