Sunday, 1 June 2014

A few pieces

I thought I had a load of stuff to show you and if you go to Instagram you will see them there but now my mind had gone blank about what to talk about!


Big news though, my baby balls were in this month's Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine!  Very happy to see them there photographed so beautifully!

I was busy making Pin Cushion Jars with sewing kit included for a market last weekend, market didn't do well but they have been selling well through FB and my shop

I made a little boy a special pillow just for him.  You can get the tutorial for this on my tutorials tab on my blog.

I hand embroidered Harry's name as though his name was puffs of smoke coming out of the funnel.  His mummy loved it!  I had taken some extra pictures to show you a couple of simple things but I deleted them off my HTC as I have in excess of 3000 photos and the phone isn't happy about it.  Next time!

Finally I finished a table runner for a friend of my husband.

It is quite a large runner.  Anna (friend) sent me a pic of the colours in her sitting room so that I would have a rough idea of what colours we were going to be working with.

Gwen from Celtic Fusion Fabrics sent me some colours and from there we narrowed it down to the above colours. 

I was going to go with straight line quilting but in the end gave in and went with FMQ stippling.  So much faster and less time consuming.   

I then had a panic about the binding, I decided on a soft yellow and raced down to my local fabric shop to have a look see what she had and hoping against hope that she had something suitable. 

We went with Lost and Found by Riley Blake. 

And a table runner was born.  Dimensions roughly 30" x 50" it is roughly because in my rush to get it Anna I didn't take a final measure but it's big!

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. So exciting to see your work in a magazine!:-)

  2. That is fantastic news Fiona, congrats!.

  3. Well done getting your baby balls into LP&Q! I'm so happy for you :)


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