Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Merryn's Quilt

Those of you that already follow my IG and FB feeds will know about Merryn.  She is a little girl from my kids old crèche who is fighting a rare childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma.  Here is the link to her FB page.  If you wish to donate to her cause here is the link.

I want to say how inspirational this little girl is, how brave and courageous she is, and she is, truly.  But mostly one day I hope to share the news that she is in remission.

When I heard about Merryn last year, apart from the feeling of shock, I really had this overwhelming urge to make her something, yes donate too, but make something that's just for her during this battle. 

The girls from my Online Quilting and Sewing Group were very generous with sending me girly pink fabrics as soon as they heard about Merryn.

It took me a while (yes I am a procrastinator, guilty as charged) but I finished off the quilt on Sunday afternoon. I managed to take some pictures, I don't know if they do the quilt colours justice, but it was very grey on Sunday so apologies for that.

Full size

Close up
The quilt measures approx. 41" x 48" a nice decent size I think.

I will be handing over the quilt to her Mum this afternoon with lots of love and best wishes for this amazing little kid!

x Fi


  1. Like it! I just made my fisrt quilt...aa large one (brave me)...check it on my blog. I learned so much, so many small but important mistakes. But so happy to have learned.

    the next one I want to level the pachtwork and make a little complex...but not too much :)

    Take care,

  2. Hello Fiona. I enjoy reading your blog. That's a very pretty quilt for Merryn - I'm sure she'll find it comforting x

  3. Love the fairy godmother next to Merryn's name. A little sparkle.


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