Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Where have I been? Why right here!

Meet my best friend for the past week!

My trusted bicycle.  I bought this bike in Faversham, Kent (loved it there).  About a month later found out I was pregnant with son no. 1 and never bothered getting on it.  When we moved to Ireland I brought my bike with me, I just couldn't get rid of it.  Thank goodness I didn't.  My butt is killing me but it got me out of a bind when the car had to go to the garage for a WEEK! 

Engine trouble.  The mechanic was giving me such bad bad bad looks. 

Mechanic "When was your last oil change?"

My response.. "oil what? I top up the oil?" 

Well suffice to say the guy wasn't impressed, and lesson (expensive one) learnt, I will be paying a lot more attention the car. 

We have had spectacular weather, luckily because we were walking and cycling up to school and back and to the shops etc.  I enjoyed it (butt regardless) and we are weather permitting going to keep cycling!

I took this pic at the beach yesterday, it was funny but not sure if it's coming across properly in the photo, but the first lad and the third one are my two boys.  The little one was trying to keep up with his brother and his mate (the chap in the middle), the whole way to the rocks he was jogging behind them trying to keep up, very cute!

I was following the sun round to the front of my house, it's a sun trap.  And of course Toffie our little cav was with me, see her there between the chair and the flower pot?

I finished a little boy quilt, very scrappy this time.  I am really happy the way it turned out. 

 And I made a personalised cushion for a little girl called Faye.

So that's my update for the moment, now I shall hobble off and settle on a nice padded sofa to keep the butt happy!

x Fi


  1. That's something I have never done - ride a bike! Not since I had a three wheeler when I was about 9! Lovely quilt and cushion!

  2. I love bicycling, too, and hear you loud and clear on the touchy tush. If I ride for more than about an hour, mine starts complaining, too. By then I need to ride back home for another hour - ouch! Anyone standing around my front gate when I return home and try to get off my bike gets a good laugh. ;-)

  3. Looks like you're loving summer! So glad you're having a great time - sad about your car, though. That really stinks.

  4. Gorgeous scrappy quilt, I have always loved the scrappy look. Sorry about your poor car. x


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