Friday, 25 July 2014

All about the summer really

 As the title of the post says, we've had another run of glorious weather.

It feels very Mediterranean here in Dublin at the moment.  Not complaining and I won't complain when we get a bit of rain too though (only for the garden's sake).

I don't make a big habit of cutting flowers for the garden but I made an exception to show off my table runner I made for a girl over in Tipperary. 

Feels very summery doesn't it?

I am ignoring my grass at the moment, I will have to buy some feed and get it into the grass, but my grass is a bit of a disaster at the moment, the heat ?

But I spend some time refreshing my hanging baskets and a couple of window boxes but also planting up these old coffee cups! I couldn't use them for anything else as they have hairline cracks, but they look great on my outdoor table.

 I also got a new delivery of white thread, yippee!  If you are interested in trying them, and I can safely say when you try them you'll be back for more, head over to my thread shop here

Finally I made some more balls yesterday and prepped three more yesterday late afternoon, although after I run my errands today I will be working on a pram quilt and sewing this evening.

So despite all the crap that's going on around the world at the moment I hope you have a peaceful and happy day today.

X Fi

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  1. Sounds you are busy and happy. Love the colour of table runner.


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