Sunday, 13 July 2014

How to glue hexies


 So I have a secret project on at the moment which involves making loads of hexies. I have been basting them methodically but thought about a pic I saw on IG where a lady was proudly showing her glued hexie. 

So I rummaged around and found my Sewling Glue pen.  Hoping it hadn't dried out, although I had never even opened the packet I gingerly took it out of it's packaging.

Had a quick read of the instructions, very simple.

I started gluing. I still pinned my paper template to the fabric just because, but I soon stopped once I got the hang of it.

I dabbed a bit of the glue along the top of the hexie, on the fabric that is, folded the fabric over the paper template and smoothed it down.

I then moved along to the next side of the hexie and on each corner dabbed more glue and folded the fabric over the paper template.

I continued the process all the way around and ended up with a nice little hexie that took next to no time to make!


EDIT:  Just to reply to a question that one of the girls left in the comments, I found it easy to take off the paper backing, I learnt quickly that only a proper dab of glue is required, don't go crazy.  Yes you can reuse the paper templates, not a problem. Hoping that helps. x

x Fi


  1. but can you still reuse them? what happens to the seams on the underside when you take them out? (just curious)

  2. Wow! Fabulous time saver! Thank you for the tip!

  3. I use this method (only using a square of fabric instead and applying the glue to the paper instead). And, yes, you can reuse the papers. Sometimes there is more residue than others, but it's definitely reusable even with residue left.


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