Monday, 14 July 2014


Well I was very busy this weekend up in my craft room, between making patchwork balls for the shop and customers to finishing off a quilt.  And it's the quilt I would like to share with you.
I make my pram quilts using mostly fabrics pulled from my scrap basket, which I have to be honest is sadly dwindling.
I was a bit stuck for inspiration so I decided to flick through my Sizzix dies.  I chose this one which gives you a 4" finished square (4.5" unfinished).

I layered up my fabric on the die.  I only put about 5 layers at a time, I am sure it's not going to break it's just me. 

I made a Sizzix sandwich by placing a cutting mat on either side of the die, i.e, one on the bottom and one on top.  So cutting mat, die, fabric, cutting mat.

Rolled it through the Big Shot machine this is my favourite part!!

Hey presto!  5 x 4" squares with little or no hassle!

The odd time you might have to snip a thread that hasn't come away from the die, but that's no problem at all!

I cut another load until I had 20 squares in total and then started assembling blocks.

Working through all my scraps I made twenty blocks measuring 6.5" x 6.5".

Keeping it nice and simple I sewed four blocks together to make a row.  I did this until I had five rows in total.  Then sewed the rows together.  I added some white cotton around as a border and personalised this little quilt for a little baby boy.

Basted it and quilted it and finally bound it with some Stof fabric.  Here is the result.

I hope he likes it!

Full shot.

I have already started cutting fabric with two other dies for a scrappy quilt, blog post will follow soon, but the squares are 2" finished with a 2" rectangle, so excited!

X Fi


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