Saturday, 11 October 2014

I've given up on putting post titles on my posts, I'm rubbish at coming up with clever headlines :(

Had a hectic week.  Hubby is visiting his mum in Athens this week.  He says the weather is just glorious.  I have to say it's been ok here in Dublin, cold but once the sun breaks through....

Had a prang with the car a couple of weeks ago.  I was manouevering into a car space and I DIDN'T SEE the height restriction bar, in my defence it is painted grey and comes out beyond the stone wall gate that you enter into the car park by.

When I mentioned it to a school mum, she informed me she had done the very same thing a couple of years ago and she saw another driver go into it last winter.  When I inspected the bar after it mangled the passenger door and rear door, I saw it was FULL of scuff marks so it's a regular problem that column, it would help if it was painted yellow and not the colour of the Irish sky which is generally grey.

Anyhow, I got it repaired during the week and oh my it's lovely driving without that embarrassing crunch on the side of the car.  Son #2 and I cleaned the car today, it was funny because about 3 of my neighbours had the same idea!

Son #1 was out at a Scout Hike, fun was had by all which is the most important thing!

I felt like doing some needlework today so in between all of the stuff I did today which included walking son #2 and Toffie for over an hour then off for lunch then car cleaning which son was planning on doing himself  but I finished, I don't think I sat down for long today.

But I did manage to make some fabric flower brooches in between all of this.

Well I will leave you now, Strictly is on tonight, I know it's not all of your cups of tea, but I love it!

Have a good Saturday girls!



  1. I must clean our car too! I found very wet pair of socks today which my daughter left on Wednesday....

  2. Sounds like a lovely Saturday.


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