Friday, 3 October 2014

Thank you and say hello to Toffee

Thank you guys for all your emails and I have replied to as many as I can at the moment.  Is it ok to say it's nice to hear that one is not alone when the mind is a bit dark?  It's not nice to go through this experience, but what is comforting is that there are others out there who have been there and understand what is happening.

I have to say, whether it's the medication and/or my decision to step away from PD from a little while that I have had three good days!  And I will continue with that attitude.

Malahide Castle
Those of you who follow my IG account will know this already but for those of you who are reading, you may not know but we got a puppy back in March.  She's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she's gorgeous!

Say hello to Toffee, yep that's the spelling we went with it was an error on hubby's part, but he's Greek and was spelling it phonetically and we stuck with it 'cause it's great!

Toffee earlier this week

She's just over 8 months now and such a loving puppy!  She's like my third child, she follows me everywhere. 

We had our first bad weather today, strong winds and heavy rain.  I had plans to take her on a good long walk, but the weather scuppered that or so I thought.  We did a smaller walk but she wasn't too phased with the rain.  She dried herself on the passenger seat, shh don't tell hubby.  

Toffee I'd say 12 weeks old
As I am typing this post, she is curled up on my lap, for company and for heat.  She's resting her mouth in the crook of my arm, good thing I'm a touch typist cause it doesn't interfere with my typing.

Have to break the connection now though, because I am meeting some fellow Scout leaders for Friday coffee, they have been a lifesaver getting my out on Friday am, I enjoyed it but at the same time didn't not the girls fault at all, it was purely because of how unwell I felt but they helped me get out for a few hours.  Today I plan on totally enjoying the banter and company and muffins!

Keep well my friends!



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