Sunday, 9 November 2014

Back to work we go

Wow what a week!

Started a temping job on Monday, in a small Law Firm and it was great!

The routine the structure I welcome it. 

Back to early rises, commuting on the train and packed lunches. Glad to say I haven't lost my typing speeds, good thing I was keeping my hand by blogging!

Now to get organised at the weekends.

I have been pretty strict about getting sarnies / lunch boxes prepared the night before so that we can relax somewhat in the morning and eat breakie and so far so good.

Will take Toffie out later today down to the beach with the gang for a good walk and then relax.

Oh need to prep some baby balls and pack some brooches for posting!

Hope you are all keeping well?

x Fi


  1. So glad you enjoyed being back at work. Getting organised is a great help. Best wishes.

  2. Sounds like a successful first week. Well done!

  3. congrats on the job- glad you are enjoying it! Public transport i where I get most of my reading done these days!


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