Saturday, 1 November 2014

Happy Hallowe'en!

Hi guys!

Sorry it's been a couple of weeks.

Haven't been hugely productive patchworkwise but man is my house organised!

Made a baby ball for a little girl in Poland.

I made a huge decision and that was to dismantle my craft room.  The boys now have a room each of their own.  With the children's help I brought all my patchwork stuff downstairs and rejigged my shelving unit so that one corner of it is all my craft books and boxes of goodies and my storage room in the sitting room (under the stairs) has all my sewing paraphernalia in it too.  I'm totally happy with this decision.  The boys are over the moon as they have their own space.

I have to say doing these monumental chores (there was more - I moved a piece of furnitutre into my kitchen and it's so much cosier in there believe it or not) kept me busy because I was going through a phase of not sleeping as my body was twitching every time I was about to drop off.  Horrendous nights and I wouldn't wish insomnia on anyone.

But good news I had my Neurology appointment on Wednesday and the Professor isn't one bit worried that there is anything untoward.  He believes it is down to stress and anxiety.  Since his words I have looked at the positive and feel great.  I also started taking Vitamin B tablets and of course my tabs that the doc prescribed.

Other news, I'm starting a temping job on Monday so I'm looking forward to getting out and into a routine.

I realise that this time to set up and run my own business was an eye opener for me.  I will still continue running the business (just need a bit more time) but I am better at the moment getting up and out and getting some work done with a regular wage and let my creative side out in my spare time.  But I won't be making the mistake of taking up every spare minute sewing.

I realise now the value of spending time on yourself.  There were times up till Wednesday that I honestly thought I was losing my mind.  I've had some great supportive friends and a superb hubby and two boys and appreciate their patience but the mind as I have learnt is so so powerful that it can make your body literally start shutting down it's unbelievable.  Not one of my friends ever said to me "snap out of it" thank goodness because you can't, you just can't snap out of it. 

It's a weird feeling, your mind is empty, in the pit of your stomach there is a lonely forlorn feeling but I don't know if I'm explaining it right even with that.  The thoughts of getting through the day were awful.  So all I can say is first of all get yourself down to your GP and tell them how you feel.

If you aren't happy with their response get a second opinion particularly if you know you are not yourself.  Another thing even if you don't feel like it make sure you get out for a walk with a friend, it's the social aspect that helps you forget about yourself for a while and that's what you need to do.  Too much time on your hands to think about yourself is not ideal guys!

Any way it's a sunny day today, I'm waiting for a mate to come over and collect her kiddie (sleepover) and then I'll take Toffie and the boys out for a walk in my favourite park!

Feast your eyes on this near take-off by Toffie a week ago, a wonderful pup!



  1. Well done on having an organised house, it is something I dream of! Thanks too for sharing, my husband works in mental health and awareness of it is so important, the more people like you who can talk about their experiences the better. Take care.

  2. Take care of yourself - get outside each day - don't forget vitamin D. This has been one of my miracle drugs to help keep me functional. (Along with the complex B's).
    Running a business and wearing 43 hats is very stressful. It strangles your creativity. Been there.
    You will figure out the balance between running your own business and the everyday demands on your
    time. Be open to possibilities.
    Meanwhile, happy sewing.

  3. It's lovely to reading this. Thank you for letting us know how you feel.
    Hope everything get better soon. xx


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