Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Hook crazy

Girls, I am in love with crochet.

I am addicted, hands up who else is addicted! Yay!

You know I finished off that afghan blanket there the other week, well I looked up some tutes on bunnymummy's blog and found the daisy granny square.  I learnt a new stitch the puff stitch.  Bunnymummy explains it very well and the photos are great so it was no problem to pick it up to be honest.

I might make the above into a cushion cover, so I will undoubtedly use one of Attic24's tutorials or something of youtube, but I am not at that stage just yet.

I also bought more wool (it's on 20% sale over here at the moment).  Son #2 loves the first afghan so I told him that as per my promise this year to make more things for the home, I would make him his very own afghan for his bed.  I have 10 grannies made.  I think this is going to be my favourite now.  I am going for "boyish" colours, but at the same time I want the blanket to be cheerful, so since this pick I have included some of my orange, red and yellows. 


I also want to finish off this cushion cover.  I made good progress at the weekend, adding the border, sorry borders as I kept cutting each border too narrow, I need the cushion top to measure 18" plus and argh I kept being stingy with the borders so that's why I have THREE!!! But it all worked out in the end, they don't look like accidents do they?  I hope not.... Quilting decision - I am going to go diagonal and end up with that square quilting look.  Crazymomquilts has a tute, which I will use.

Finally if you follow my on IG, you will have seen this but I finished my first cushion of the year.  A tumbler cushion, it's in my bedroom not to be touched by the dog or the kids (sorry :()

I really love this cushion, it measures 16" x 16".  Fabrics by Bonnie & Camille (Scrumptious).  Tumbler sizes 3".  Background fabric, cream.  Quilted - shadow quilting using cream thread and the borders are straight lines and corners are as per the picture below.  The binding is a combination of the some of the fabrics used in the main panel.

That's it for the moment girls.

Speak soon.

X Fi


  1. I really like the triple borders

  2. I might check out the tutorial..I want to learn granny squares! Love your pillows too!


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