Sunday, 11 January 2015

My first 2015 finish

I did it!! I finished my blanket and can call it an Afhan, thanks girls for commenting there! Appreciate it.

Drum roll! Here she is in all her glory!

I crocheted 80 grannies using about 10 different colours. I would have gone bigger except I didn't have enough of the pale grey that I was using as my background and I felt I had enough with 80 to make it worthwhile size. I don't believe I repeated any combos that I can see at first glance.

I crocheted each granny using the pattern out of my "Granny Squares" book by Susan Pinner. Then I saw on IG that a crocheter had added a round of single crochet around each granny and I really liked that effect so I did the same.  Then using a tutorial from an Australian youtuber I started joining the squares together using single crochet.  I like the raised effect.

Once I had the grannies joined together I didn't know how to go about adding edging and found Attic24 to be great (of course her work is beautiful!) and bunnymummy had a perfect tutorial for adding edging.  Now I currently have three rounds of edging, but I will probably add one more during the week but then that's it I won't go bigger. 

I am itching now to start another granny blanket, now just to choose a new granny square!

Happy Sunday all!

x Fi



  1. It looks beautiful. Crochet was my first love and I still do quite a bit of.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. its so pretty Fi! love the colors you went for - they are lovely together!

  3. So bright and cheerful with those lovely colours.

  4. Beautiful colours!!! One of these days I have to learn how to crochet!!

  5. Very nice Fiona ,I like the colours combinations you put on it , vivid colours, reminds me my childhood (and my mother )
    This remember me that I want to make one in fabrics patch and quilt , the look is gorgeous !
    Happy New Year Fi !!

  6. I love it! This is on my to be learned how to do list!


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