Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Review of the Year and going forward

First of all let me wish you all a happy and healthy 2015.  I hope you had a restful Christmas.

We didn't get up to any manic in our house, hubby was off for four days, which was lovely, it's not often that we are together for consecutive days (retail). 

Toffie got some good walks in and the boys got loads of TV, as did I.

I have been busy working on my crochet blanket, is it an afghan, is it big enough, are there rules about what's an afghan, please let me know, hate calling things by their wrong names.

Now I need a border for it.  So any advice, links to tutorials is more than welcome, please!

I am working on a quilt for a publication so that has been taking up a lot of my spare time, it's a nice straightforward quilt, pics will follow once it's published.  I just have to finish a bit of FMQ and add the binding and then we are done.  I often wish I could make or design a complicated quilt but (1) I don't have the imagination and (2) computer package. 

This year, I really really really want to make more quilts for my home and watch this space.  I have plenty of books and blogs that I follow for inspiration and tutorials so my promise to myself is that I will get some decent patchwork done this year!

Have you guys got any plans, I don't think they have to be huge and numerous.  For example, we as a family agreed to do one family activity a month, yes a month, but like I said it's not often that hubby is with us as he doesn't work Mon-Friday.  So this Saturday we are taking the boys to see the new Night in the Museum film, next month probably bowling and if we can achieve these little outings i'll be happy!

X Fi


  1. Afghan if it fits around you or just covers you on the couch.
    Blanket if it's bigger, as in fit a twin bed bigger.
    Love all the colors with the gray neutral. Happy new year!

  2. Love the blanket! I have no idea when it becomes an afghan, i actually thought that was a US word for blanket... An idea for the border would be to carry on doing grannies, like a giant granny square/rectangle, Two or three rounds each in a different colour from the blanket would look great.


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